3 Reasons Why Palm Wine Drink from Coyol Tree Should be Your Choice

May 20, 2021

Palm wine is a local beverage relished by people here in Costa Rica. In fact, it has a significant traditional value amongst the communities. Some people even believe that it’s better than any other drink as palm wine drinks are saps that are left to ferment naturally. People generally prefer gulping palm wine drink with several gourds with plates of hot pepper soup or perhaps peppered goat meat.

If you’re someone who has not yet relished the sap from Costa Rica, it’s time to order the coyol palm wine drink all the way from Costa Rica. Its milky taste grows more sour and yeasty with time. However, the taste changes in minutes. Also, here are several reasons why people prefer palm wine drink over others.


The quality of palm wine drink that Vino De Coyol offers can only be enjoyed if you get it directly from the source. Your palm wine drink is produced by splicing horizontal strips at the top of the palm tree. Further, it is drilled into the trunk.

Afterward, we attach a container held by raffia so that the palm sap drops directly into the container. The sap is collected regularly. However, it is not as easy as it seems. Very few people are willing to go through the tedious process as the stress of climbing the tree and getting down every day requires specific training.

You May Get Intoxicated

To all those people who boast about their expertise in bingeing, a cup of undiluted palm wine drink will definitely overrule the belief. You may consume liters of alcoholic beverages; however, when it comes to palm wine, never try to do such a thing. A gourd can get you tipsy, while several gourds will make you completely drunk. You need to be disciplined when consuming natural intoxicants.

Healthy Natural Drink

It is risky to drink diluted palm wine as many are unaware of the condiment that comes with the palm wine drink. Vino-de-coyol is a leading palm wine supplier based in Costa Rica. We ship the freshest palm wine directly to your doorstep. We’re a registered company running the palm wine business for over 100 years bottling and distribution in Nigeria.

Some of the absolute benefits that come with our bottled palm wine include

Control in cardiovascular diseases
Slow aging
Good eyesight
Increased sperm count
Aid to milk production in lactating mothers and more.

Having said all its benefits, palm wine drink also comes with side effects.

What Are The Side Effects?

Never consume excessively fermented. Excessive consumption of palm wine drink may result in hypertension, neurological problems, leading to vital organ failure. You should also know that alcohol content in fermented palm wine is 2 to 3 times more than in any other alcoholic drink.

Studies have also claimed that palm wine contains chemically active compounds which may distort male reproductive cytoarchitecture. Regarding the observed effect in animal models, you should drink palm wine cautiously.