A Quick Review on Your Favourite Nigerian Wine

May 06, 2021

Nigerian wine is gaining popularity worldwide due to its refined taste, nutritional health benefits and low alcohol content. However, do you know, Nigerian wines, unlike others, are natural sap extracted from the palm trees. In fact, palm trees are found across the globe in areas with the continental type of climate. Vino De Coyol is a leading palm wine supplier based in Costa Rica. Wine is an important part here, and we tend to serve our refreshing wine across the globe.

Not Just a Wine

People in Costa Rica don’t consider coyol sap as a wine. At the same time, Coyol trees are extensively found in Costa Rica. The growing number of tourists visiting our country has now popularised the consumption of coyol wine extracted from the tree.

Wine is definitely an essential section of our life. The wine extracted from trees has a massive demand for its nutritional benefits and alcohol content that nourishes the body and mind. What is more interesting is that now wine lovers are integratingNigerian wine into cocktail recipes, sometimes known as aphrodisiac drinks.

Remember, your bartender does not exactly know them unless he has personally visited Costa Rica or have tasted it. However, they do exist.

How Are The Effects?

It is self-evident that things we consume which are chemical compounds, affect the balance in our body.Nigerian wines are powerful to lay you down after you take a sip. While these wines are pretty nutritional, the freshly extracted sap contains less than 4% alcohol content.

A freshly shipped bottled palm wine can trip you. In fact, legends say that the hangover may arise the next day if you consume coyol palm wine. This wine looks white and therefore called “White wine” for its milky colour.

Locals have followed the consumption of coyol wine for centuries. In fact, locals prefer these over other wine precisely due to the rich taste and natural fermentation process.

Here’s a little fact you should know: After the wine is extracted, in less than two hours, then you’ll have a wine sweet in taste and a rise in alcohol content! Isn’t it amazing? Now, this generally happens due to the yeast present in the air that ferments the liquid.

How Is It Sold?

If you visit Costa Rica, you may come across various local stores offering freshly prepared coyol wine. These may be served for breakfast, lunch or dinner. However, the demand for Nigerian wine rises when there’s a celebration in the country. People throng for coyol palm wine for their enjoyment.

Likewise, there are leading palm wine suppliers that provide fresh Nigerian wine. At Vino-de-coyol, we get your favourite wine delivered right to your place.

Incredibly Cheap Price

Apart from its taste and health benefits, coyol wine is incredibly cheap here in Costa Rica. A small glass of wine may cost a few cents, and therefore, people prefer it rather than other imported wines here in Costa Rica. Now, you can enjoy a natural bottle of wine and experience each moment with Vino-de-coyol!