Vino de Coyol is a family run business with a history of over 100 years of Palm Wine beverage bottling and distribution in Eastern Nigeria. After an arduous global quest, in search of the world’s very best climatic conditions, inputs and palm tree variety to deliver the most superior taste; the father and son team launched Vino de Coyol on the beautiful Pacific Coast of Costa Rica in Central America.

Palm Wine has great historical significance and usually enjoyed during ceremony and other special occasions in various parts of the world, in countries such as India, Panama, Seychelles, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, Cameroon and many other tropical regions where Palm Trees naturally thrive, to produce the fresh Palm.

We are headquartered in Guanacaste, Costa Rica 10km from Liberia town and 5km from Liberia Airport. We are currently exporting to customers in the USA, Canada, Europe and of course here in Costa Rica and neighboring countries in Central America and the Caribbean. Our customers are typically Cash & Carry Wholesalers, Restaurants and miscellaneous urban stores /outlets.

To place an order to buy Palm Wine / Vino de Coyol, please email – we can also produce custom batches at varying levels of alcohol proof for special occasions upon client request.

Palm Wine Bottle