Enjoy the Ecstasy of Traditionally Prepared Palm Wine Drink

Apr 08, 2021

If you’ve been to Costa Rica, palm wine from Coyol trees is something you must have explored – only if you’re an adult. Costa Rica is an exotic destination. If you’re someone planning to explore sunny beaches, get yourself tanned and taste the authentic palm wine, Vino De Coyol should definitely be on your bucket list.

However, the pandemic situation has cut the possibility to enjoy the shallow beaches of Costa Rica. Still, you can enjoy authentic palm wine drinks sitting in your comfort zone. Coyol wine prepared in Costa Rica is now exported across the globe.

In fact, palm wine is prepared across the globe. Still, Coyol palm wine is unbeatable for its exceptional taste. What you get to experience are the freshness and a slight alcoholic punch. Coyol palm wine includes 1-4% alcohol when freshly extracted.

Tapping Process

Unlike other palm wine, Coyol wine is explicitly produced in the dry seasons, i.e. December to May. The Coyoleros are specific communities that prepare your favourite wine. Extraction is a three-step process.


The Right Coyol Trees

In order to experience the refined taste, it is essential to select the healthiest tree. Coyoleros are trained professionals. For the best flavour, trees of 10-14 years of age are chosen. With the right tree, these Coyoleros tie up vessels to extract the juice. The tapping process is an activity worth watching.



The freshly prepared palm wine now gets to the factory for proper packaging. The milk spruced out is further refilled to the palm wine bottles. These bottles are inspected by experts daily to check the quality and the concentration of the wine. Once it’s in the right consistency, you can enjoy the absolute taste that Coyol wine has to offer you.



Vino De Coyol ships the freshest quality wines for you. We are headquartered in Guanacaste and export palm wine globally. The newest quality wine is now just a click away.

What Your Palm Wine Consists?

Over ten million people consume palm wine regularly. Therefore, its production has enhanced multiple times. Palm wine drink comes with packed up nutrients. These are incredibly beneficial for the nourishment of the body.

Palm wine should be preferred over others due to its natural vitamins and minerals content. Interestingly, subtropical countries like Costa Rica enjoy this drink as natural energy-boosting juice rather than an alcoholic beverage.

Mind-Blowing Facts of Palm Wine Drink

  • Culinary Benefits

Palm wine is used for the culinary purpose in most countries. The sugar present in your palm wine can be used to make coconut, honey and jaggery. Palm wine is combined with rice dough. This method allows the dough to expand, softening the bread.

  • Antibacterial Properties

Palm wine may be used for treating food-borne and diarrhoea diseases. It comes with high antibacterial properties.

  • Controls Cardiovascular Diseases

Consumption of Coyol palm wine can minimize the death rate due to cardiovascular diseases. However, excessive consumption of wine may have extensive side effects. Note:Palm wine drinks contain alcohol. Drink wisely!