Vino De Coyol: The Most Celebrated Beverage

Apr 02, 2021

Palm wine is a popular beverage enjoyed across the globe. While these drinks come with nutritional benefits, the refreshing taste they offer is absolutely energizing. Costa Rica provides a range of beverages, and the coyol palm wine is quickly gaining momentum in the west. Moreover, the delightful taste and minimum alcohol content give this drink a distinct category.

In fact, palm wine suppliers really don’t categorize coyol palm drink as wine. Vino De Coyol comes from the sap of the coyol tree. When sliced into the palm heart, the milky juice comes out into drinks that taste similar to coconut water.

Coyol Trees for Palm Wine

Coyol is the tree extensively found in the Guanacaste territory of Costa Rica. The coyol wine is a seasonal beverage created between December to May. The natural sugar present in the juice of the coyol palm promotes spontaneous fermentation.

However, the characteristics of Vino De Coyol vary according to the degree of fermentation. Coyol wine may reach up to 4% alcohol content, but this is far less than drinks like vodka, brandy, or rum.   

Refreshing Drinks from Native Wine Collectors

In Costa Rica, Coyoleros are traditional communities that make wine. The place where it is manufactured or sold is known as “Coyolera.” However, this natural beverage comes in three different categories

  • Sweet: Fresh sap with little or zero alcohol content
  • Medium: Comes with a sweet yet tantalizing smell
  • Strong: This has the highest level of alcohol with a distinct taste

However, if the fermentation is left uncontrolled, it turns acidic and further transforms to vinegar within a week or two. Coyoleros in Costa Rica prefers trees between 10-14 years old for sap extraction.

Moonshine or Not?

Coyol wine, if left unchecked, is absolutely a moonshine. Vino De Coyol is a leading palm wine supplier. We provide high-quality, nutrient-rich palm wine bottles. The wine comes with numerous health benefits and zero additives—Vino-De-Coyol supplies palm wine globally. Costa Rica has a spectacular bio-diversity that’ll refresh your body and mind, and the coyol palm wine has great significance amongst Nicoya communities. With Pura Vida as a center of attraction, enjoy your time with the authentic beverage nature has to offer you.         

Trying the Best Palm Wine

While palm wine is made across the globe, Vino De Coyol comes with a distinct taste. We guarantee our wine beats other flavors and secures the top position. If you’re a palam wine lover, you should absolutely taste this natural drink that our beautiful Cost Rica has to offer.

The rising demand for Coyol palm wine now enables you to enjoy this natural drink within your comfort zone. Vino De Coyol provides fresh ready to drink Costa Rican bottled palm wine.

Health Benefits Palm wine comes with numerous wellness. Coyol wine is undoubtedly an exotic drink with great nutritional value. The coyol wine regulates cholesterol and can treat anemia and diabetes. Apart from that, it helps your body control high blood pressure.