Nigerian Wine

Historically, wine has been a significant part of humans. From local drinks celebrated by the young and old in the rural areas to busy city life, Nigerian wine is gaining popularity day-by-day. The sweet and crudely intoxicating yet harmless drink has become a choice for most people across the globe. Traditional gatherings prefer palm wine over others due to its beneficial health properties.

When fermented, palm wine is an alcoholic beverage created from various species of the palm tree. To enjoy the taste, you should serve it chilled. However, this drink has different names associated with it from all across the globe.

Rising Popularity

Palm wine is the foremost drink in traditional communities in tropical climates; however, getting your favorite Nigerian wine is no more a big issue with the ease of connectivity. Apart from that, Nigerian wine is soaked with varieties of herbs that add nutritional value to the wine.

In fact, with consumption of palm wine, one can experience a range of active psychological benefits effects including euphoria. Honestly speaking, palm wine is gaining in popularity exponentially due to these reasons.

Freshly Processed Wine

Your freshly processed wine starts ticking once our harvesters begin to tap the sap from the tree. The collected fluid turns into wine within two hours with an alcohol percentage between 1-2%. Within 3 days it can even turn into vinegar.

When collecting palm wine, our harvesters and tapper need to be extra careful and especially cautious when cutting the crown of the tree. The palm tree’s wine immediately ferments both from yeasts in the air and remnants of yeast in the container. The freshly prepared wine looks milky and powerfully sweet. However, it grows more sour and yeasty with time.

Historic significance

Nigerian wine has been in existence for a very long time. In fact, the abundance of land and variety of trees is why it is one of nature’s most aged offerings. In most places where palm wine is produced, it is the core part of their tradition. From birthdays, weddings, and other ceremonies, this beverage has a traditional purpose.

Fact: Palm wine is not only enjoyed by humans but animals too. In 2015, scientists in West Africa even found chimpanzees stealing the wine from harvesters’ taps.

Is it a Moonshine?

Palm wine is a moonshine if it goes unchecked. In fact, this can severely affect the health of an individual. The extremes can lead to death. However, Vino De Coyol recommends not consuming such products. We are the leading company that supplies branded palm wine.

We use the latest technology to provide the best quality palm wine for our customers. Now, you can get your favorite Nigerian palm wine shipped directly to your place.

About Us

Vino-de-coyol provides bottled Nigerian wine of less than 1% alcohol. We prepare fresh palm wine at our farm. Our harvesters ensure you get to experience high-quality palm wine. Filled with nutrients and minerals, we help you experience the bliss of naturally fermented wine. Additionally, you get a ton of benefits.

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