Palm Wine Drink

Palm wine is a naturally extracted sap from palm trees. It is delicious and sweet tasting, which is why palm wine drink is popularizing globally. In fact, wine from the palm tree is consumed in most South American, Asian, Central, and West African countries. You will find it more amazing to know that palm wine is exceptionally good for the body. Given its pan-tropical appeal, there are many ways to prepare the wine.

Palm wine equally has cultural significance. In fact, in many communities across the globe, the wine produced from the palm tree and other tree extracts play a very significant role in their lives. People drink it as a part of their ceremonies – weddings, family gatherings, funerals, and more.

For centuries, people have tapped the sap found in the palm tree and kept it fermented. Palm wine is one of the most celebrated drinks due to its low alcohol content when consumed fresh.

Coyol Palm Wine

Vino-de-coyol is the beverage fermented from the sap of Coyol palms (Acrocomia aculeate). In fact, it is often represented as a wine in terms beverage category. The milder variations taste sweet and light, similar to the flavor of coconut water. Coyol has a low alcohol content; the enzymes present in it are exceptionally effective. Therefore, the beverage is popular for its potency and unique lingering effect.

The freshest variations of Coyol palm wine drink are light and milky. Due to its potent effect, people say that its hangover may lead to the consumer being enthralled all over again, provided you spend the following day in the sun.

Freshest Palm Wine ForYou

Produced from the Coyol palm tree’s sap, this seasonal beverage is prepared in dry seasons between December to May. Coyoleros are skilled palm wine tappers from Nicoya and Guanacaste Region. Furthermore, this special drink from Costa Rica comes in three categories:

Sweet: This sweet variety has very little alcohol

Medium: It continues to be sweety but with a fruity smell – 2 days old

Strong: It has the highest content of alcohol with a distinct acidic and salty taste

When extracting Coyol wine, the palm tree should be between 10-14 years old and bloomed and produced fruits at least one time. A Coyolero selects the right tree and makes a gutter at the top of the trunk. The sap is collected 3-4 times a day, depending upon the production levels. However, the Coyoleros need to make sure the walls of the gutter are clean and trimmed.

Health Benefits of Palm Wine Drink

There is nothing as beneficial to our health as nature’s gift; palm wine is undoubtedly one of them. With tons of amazing health benefits, people are slowly acknowledging the significance of this heavenly drink.

• Ability to Fight Cancer

Palm wine includes Vitamin B2. It is an antioxidant that helps fight cancer-causing agents. Moderate consumption keeps your body fit.

Reduces Cardiovascular Diseases

Moderate consumption of palm wine drink regulates the blood flow; this cuts the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Controls Pressure

The potassium present in palm wine has been proven to bring down hypertension.

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