The Elixir to Life Starts with Our Nigerian Wine

Apr 16, 2021

People across the globe love palm wine. Its nutritional values, affordable price and slight alcohol content, makes it a prefered beverage. Palm wine has been with us since time unknown. It provides dietary requirements to the body; palm wine is equally consumed on various occasions, i.e. marriage ceremonies, birthdays, and other traditional festivals.

However, if you get to savour the sap of Nigerian wine, make sure you order the right amount of drink. Vino De Coyol is a leading Nigerian wineproducer based in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. We serve bottled palm wine from Coyol trees for customers across the globe.

Refreshing Palm Wine Only For You

Although individuals of all groups love palm wine, these wines aren’t readily available unless they’re a moonshine. Coyol palm wine is extracted depending upon the seasonal variation. Likewise, these are further processed under advanced refineries. The process goes on unless it’s packed and shipped to your address.

Natural and Fresh Nigerian Wine

Nigerian palm wine tastes awesome when extracted from the source. But there won’t be much alcohol variation (Palm wine contains 1-4% alcohol).


In order to taste natural palm wine, you need to get it directly from the source tree. As these wines are produced by splicing the strips at the top of a palm tree, experts drill a hole into the trunk, put a container and collect it.

The collection of the wine sounds to be quite simple; however, this doesn’t look the same on the ground. In order to experience the joy of collecting refreshing coyol wine, you should definitely visit Costa Rica. 


To people who boast about their expertise in bingeing alcohol, a cup of undiluted palm wine will definitely overrule this belief. While you may consume litres of alcoholic drinks but you should never attempt the same with Nigerian wine. This beverage comes with a gourd that can get you drunk quickly. Moreover, several gourds will get you drunk completely. Therefore, being a responsible wine company, we recommend customers to consume wisely.

How Healthy is it?

Palm wine is considered one of the healthiest drinks. In fact, one tapped from the tree is relatively healthy. Consuming palm wine help in controlling

  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Slows ageing
  • Good eyesight
  • Increased sperm count
  • Aids milk production

Mind-blowing Taste at an Affordable Price

The palm wine that we ship is specially processed in Costa Rica. Coyol palm wine is slowly popularising due to its milky and sugary taste. You should know that the Guanacaste territory of Costa Rica produces high-grade palm wine. The traditional communities here collect the wine from the best varieties of trees.

If you ever get to visit Costa Rica, you may try three different varieties of flavours here, respectively

  • Sweet

Fresh sap with zero alcohol content.

  • Medium

The sweet yet tantalizing smell.

  • Strong

Highest alcohol content with a distinct taste. Unlike other beverages, Nigerian wines are pretty affordable. Therefore, palm wine is also termed as “common man’s favourite drink”.