Why is the West Inclined to More Palm Wine Supplies

Apr 29, 2021

Communities across the globe consider traditional beverages to help build a powerful bond amongst their people. From cultural artifacts to religious ceremonies, settlement of disputes to appeasing guests, beverages has always been the first choice for people worldwide as a conspicuous way to break the barrier. While beers and wine have existed in the West since time unknown, palm wine suppliers have gained momentum due to globalization.

With orders just under the fingertip, a rising number of consumers in the West are now interested in consuming this natural sap. In fact, Costa Rica is famous for its refreshing, milky, and sugary palm wine. While the world terms it as a wine, people here do not really confer this local beverage in the category of a “wine.”

Freshly extracted juice comes with the least amount of alcohol content,i.e., 1-3% alcohol content. Coyol palm wine is top-rated amongst locals as they are relatively cheap yet full of nutritional benefits.  

The rise in the number of visitors to Costa Rica has led to several palm wine suppliers. Now, you can enjoy freshly extracted juice sitting at your home. Vino-de-coyol is a leading palm wine supplier based in Costa Rica. We supply the freshest coyol palm juice across the globe.

Transporting Bottled Palm Wine

Palm wine has a long and celebrated history. It is occasionally termed as the moonshine for its quiet and under-the-moon preparation method. However, for years, farmers have tapped the sap and let it ferment in a container – from gourd shell to off plastic jerry cans.

Palm wine is distilled to create more premium products. The rise in popularity of coyol palm wine still faces the challenges of transporting to western nations. Fortunately, more and more numbers of entrepreneurs are now getting authorization to supply fresh palm wine.

The export opportunity has recently brought a boom in cocktail culture spirit in countries like the UK, the USA, and Canada, respectively.

Affordable Bottles

Palm wine suppliers extract the juice from Coyol palm trees. These trees are native to Costa Rica and therefore are found in a large sum. These are naturally grown (you may also come across Coyol tree farming) here in Costa Rica. Therefore, production is obviously cheap, and so is shipping. Surprisingly, sales have been garnering due to the rise in tourists who enjoy the beach and like to take a sip from bottled palm wine.

What Are The Benefits?

Palm wine comes with a bundle of health benefits. At the same time, palm wine has been used across the continental areas from ancient times for its nutritional values. Slowly, western nations are now acknowledging the benefits it has to offer.

  • Palm wine neutralize cancer cells

Palm wine comes with riboflavin, also known as Vitamin B2. Its antioxidant helps to fight against cancer-causing free radicals.

  • Improves eyesight

The antioxidant, along with Vitamin C, helps to maintain good eyesight

  • Healthier skin, hair, and nail

Iron and vitamin B complex helps development, growth, and functioning of cells in the body